About 107 Cowgate

107 Cowgate is a space for news, culture and analysis from a working class perspective. Founded by Jim Slaven after discussions with members of the James Connolly Society and others 107 Cowgate will cover events in Scotland, Ireland and further afield. 107 Cowgate is not aligned to any political party or organisation.

107 Cowgate is always developing and also runs Cowgate Tours and various other educations events to meet the demand of readers for more information about James Connolly and the hidden, revolutionary history of his home city, Edinburgh.

As you will be aware our name, 107 Cowgate, represents James Connolly’s birthplace in Edinburgh’s Little Ireland. The strap line “We only want the earth” is a quote from Connolly’s song ‘Be Moderate’ and reads in full Our demands most moderate are – We only want the earth.


107 Cowgate welcomes radical contributions covering news, analysis, reviews, culture, sport etc. If you have an idea you should email our editorial team in the first instance at:



We welcome comments and indeed encourage debate and even disagreement. However we will not allow personal insults or slanderous attacks on individuals. For this reason our comments section will be moderated. So remember disagree, criticise but play the ball not the man (or woman)!


Editorial Content

Jim Slaven 107cowgate@gmail.com

Technical Enquiries

Dennis Moran jcsedinburgh@gmail.com



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