Connolly Foundation

Founded in 2007 Connolly Foundation was relaunched, with a new board, on James Connolly’s birthday, June 5th 2019 as a hub of working class thinking, research & social action. Underpinned by a critical engagement with Connolly’s writings & ideas in the contemporary context.

Connolly Foundation is a community development organisation committed to advancing the ethos of James Connolly through research, education, dialogue. Dedicated to fostering progressive social change, we seek to create a crucible for practising ongoing progressive change in working class communities.

Ambitious plans for a James Connolly statue in his home city of Edinburgh are a central part of Connolly Foundation programme. A statue to Connolly would be an acknowledgement not only of James Connolly and his life and work, but also of the contribution to Scotland of working class and immigrant communities, currently overlooked in permanent public memorials in Edinburgh.

Our health and wellbeing strand works with local communities to create change through embracing positive life choices in a supported and mutually beneficial range of settings.
Connolly Foundation receives no funding from the Scottish/UK or Irish Governments. We rely on support from the community to sustain our activities.

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