Cowgate Tours
Authentic Working Class History

Authentic Working Class History

Cowgate Tours is a community initiative for people interested in getting beyond the standard tour guides. We offer an authentic experience as you are taken through the streets of Edinburgh’s Little Ireland. We tailor our tours for each groups needs. Themes we have recently covered include:

  • James Connolly in Edinburgh
  • The Irish in Edinburgh
  • Edinburgh and the origins of Irish and Scottish Republicanism
  • Edinburgh’s hidden working class and immigrant history

Cowgate Tours are suitable for schools, universities, youth clubs and adult education groups. Handouts including locations, key historical figures, dates and events can be arranged.

Rediscover the Cowgate of Connolly's day.

Rediscover the Cowgate of Connolly’s day.

Cowgate Tours can also offer workshops covering James Connolly and other aspects of Edinburgh’s revolutionary history.

Visit James Connolly's birthplace with socialist republican tour guides.

Visit James Connolly’s birthplace with socialist republican tour guides.

Want to know about Edinburgh's connection with the United Irishman?

Want to know about Edinburgh’s connection with the United Irishman?

All our tour guides are political activists and donate their time and knowledge on a voluntary basis. All proceeds from Cowgate Tours go to the James Connolly statue appeal.

Cowgate Tours accept no state funding. Cowgate Tours is an independent working class initiative.

For more information contact: 107cowgate@gmail.com



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