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July 12th: James Connolly

By James Connolly As this Saturday is the 12th of July, and as I am supposed to be writing about the North of Ireland in particular, it becomes imperative that I say something about this great and glorious festival. The Anniversary of the Battle of the Boyne is celebrated in Belfast by what is locally … Continue reading

Police Scotland Attempts To Stop 30th Annual Connolly Commemoration ‘Will Fail’

The lengths Police Scotland will go to in order to disrupt James Connolly Society activities always amazes. In Jim’s absence (and because he could do with being cheered up) we decided to republish this JCS statement. Last week the James Connolly Society received an email from Edinburgh City Council stating that Police Scotland wanted us … Continue reading

James Connolly’s Last Statement

On the centenary of James Connolly’s execution we republish his last statement. The statement was given to his daughter on the eve of his execution. We would also encourage people who can to attend tonight’s vigil at 107 Cowgate, 7pm. This last statement will be read allowed at the end of the vigil at 8pm. … Continue reading

Connolly: The Programme Of Labour

By James Connolly We regret that we are not able to give in our paper a complete report of the splendid speech delivered under the auspices of the Dublin Trades Council on Tuesday, January 15 by Father Laurence, O.F.M.Cap. It was by far the most significant speech yet delivered in the Trades Hall, and the … Continue reading

Connolly: Economic Conscription II

By James Connolly Conscription means the enforced utilising of all the manhood of a country in order to fight its battles. Economic conscription would mean the enforced use of all the economic powers of a country in order to fight its battles. If it is right to take the manhood it is doubly right to … Continue reading

Steve Hedley: What The 1916 Revolution Means To Me

The first in a year long 107 Cowgate series of articles exploring the impact of the 1916 Revolution on the working class in Ireland and beyond. by Steve Hedley My first memories of learning about the Easter rising are from when I was about three years old sitting in a neighbours house in our street … Continue reading

Connolly: The Volunteers Of ’82

By James Connolly A correspondent has written to us asking whether there is not a great similarity between the position and actions of the Irish Volunteers of our day, and that of the Volunteers of ’82. He points out that the Volunteers of ’82, despite the eulogies lavished upon them by the writers of Irish … Continue reading

Connolly: A Lesson Of The Strike

By James Connolly The long-drawn out fight with the City of Dublin Steam Packet Company is one of the most striking lessons yet offered of the absurdity of our present social arrangements. Here we have the spectacle of one man being able to upset the business and destroy the happiness of a whole community, in … Continue reading

Connolly: A Happy New Year

  By James Connolly We should in this issue wish all our readers a “Happy New Year”. We do so wish them. But such a wish rings better when it is accompanied by a belief that the wish may be realised, and at the present moment the signs of a Happy New Year are none … Continue reading

JCS New Year Statement 2016

Below is the full text of the James Connolly Society’s New Year statement. The James Connolly Society extends New Year greetings to our activists, members and supporters. We offer solidarity greetings to political prisoners throughout the world and the organisations we have worked with over the last 12 months. 2015 has been an incredible year … Continue reading

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James Connolly by Robert Ballagh

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