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July 12th: James Connolly

By James Connolly As this Saturday is the 12th of July, and as I am supposed to be writing about the North of Ireland in particular, it becomes imperative that I say something about this great and glorious festival. The Anniversary of the Battle of the Boyne is celebrated in Belfast by what is locally … Continue reading

Ardoyne Residents Reject SF/UVF Deal

Below we reproduce in full and with permission today’s statement from the Greater Ardoyne Residents Collective. Since partition and before, the Ardoyne Community has borne the brunt of naked sectarianism in our city. In every generation, our community has proudly resisted against the evil forces of the State and Loyalism that view our people as … Continue reading

James Connolly’s Last Statement

On the centenary of James Connolly’s execution we republish his last statement. The statement was given to his daughter on the eve of his execution. We would also encourage people who can to attend tonight’s vigil at 107 Cowgate, 7pm. This last statement will be read allowed at the end of the vigil at 8pm. … Continue reading

Connolly: What Is A Free Nation

By James Connolly We are moved to ask this question because of the extraordinary confusion of thought upon the subject which prevails in this country, due principally to the pernicious and misleading newspaper garbage upon which the Irish public has been fed for the past twenty-five years. Our Irish daily newspapers have done all that … Continue reading

Connolly: Still Fighting

By James Connolly The following resolution was moved at last meeting of the Dublin Port and Docks Board: That we request the Government to take such steps as are necessary for the purpose of compelling the City of Dublin Company to resume the cross-channel traffic carried on by their steamers previous to November last; and … Continue reading

Connolly: Cannon Fodder for British Imperialism

By James Connolly The Irish Parliamentary Party, which at every stage of the Home Rule game had been outwitted and bull-dozed by Carson and the Unionists, which had surrendered every point and yielded every advantage to the skilful campaign of the aristocratic orange military clique in times of peace, behaved in equally as cowardly and … Continue reading

Connolly: Slackers 1

By James Connolly Ireland is in the throes of a new invasion. But whereas all other invasions have been invasions of fighting men, this last invasion is an invasion of men who have declined to fight. Since the passing of the military service law and its coming into force in England this country has been … Continue reading

Connolly: Notes On The Front

By James Connolly Recently we have been pondering deeply over the ties that bind this country to England. It is not a new theme for our thoughts; for long years we have carried on propaganda in Ireland pointing out how the strings of self-interest bound the capitalist and landlord classes to the Empire, and how … Continue reading

Mark Hayes: What 1916 Means To Me

By Mark Hayes It is a difficult task to comment on any aspect of politics in Ireland without wading into a swamp of conflicting emotions and perspectives. Ireland has been a crucible of grievances for hundreds of years and people have been prepared to kill and die for one cause or another – meanwhile academics … Continue reading

Connolly: In The Gap Of Danger

By James Connolly In this week’s issue of The Workers’ Republic we publish figures showing the enormous profits now being made by shipowners and merchants engaged in the import trade, side by side with the demand of the Government that the working class should practise more economy, and avoid all requests for higher wages. In … Continue reading

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James Connolly by Robert Ballagh

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