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JCS New Year Statement

The James Connolly Society extends New Year greetings to all our members, activists and supporters. We also offer our solidarity to political prisoners and organisations we have worked in partnership with during the last twelve months. 2014 was a remarkable year for the JCS. A year full of activity, political development and sustained increase in our … Continue reading

Truly A Day Of Huge Political Significance

By Plunkett Nugent This is a day of huge political significance as Scotland goes to the polls, a day which may well bring the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland to an end. Whatever the result, this binding exercise in national self-determination is in itself an outright triumph for those who have brought … Continue reading

1916 Societies On Scottish Independence Referendum

  Who are the 1916 Societies? The 1916 Societies are an emerging political, cultural and historical movement in Ireland founded in 2009 to oppose the further running down of the republican struggle, with the specific remit of securing the legacy of those who gave their lives in the cause of Irish freedom and ensuring the … Continue reading

JCS Statement On Orange Order’s Independence Referendum March

Following discussions with our activists and supporters the James Connolly Society wishes to make the following statement in regards the forthcoming Orange Order march in Edinburgh.   The James Connolly Society oppose all sectarian marches irrespective of whether they are taking place in the run up to the referendum or not. We have a proven track … Continue reading

Sectarianism Distorting NHS Scotland’s Workforce ?

By Wladyslaw Mejka For some centuries now, being a Catholic in Scotland has not been a passport to an easy life and it has certainly not been an identity which automatically opens the armoured glass doors to employment and career development. Just over the water, in Northern Ireland, the reality of sectarianism and discrimination has … Continue reading

James Connolly On July The 12th

By James Connolly As this Saturday is the 12th of July, and as I am supposed to be writing about the North of Ireland in particular, it becomes imperative that I say something about this great and glorious festival. The Anniversary of the Battle of the Boyne is celebrated in Belfast by what is locally … Continue reading

The 2013 James Connolly Commemoration Video

The 27th annual James Connolly Commemoration was organised by the James Connolly Society Scotland and the 1916 Societies.

When Ideology Becomes Idiotology

By Larry Pinkney “Today everybody is talking about the fact that we live in one world; because of globalization, we are all part of the same planet. They talk that way, but do they mean it? We should remind them that the words of the Declaration [of Independence] apply not only to people in this … Continue reading

Offensive Behaviour And The Independence Referendum

This article was originally published on Emancipation and Liberation. By Jim Slaven (@JimSlaven) As another football season draws to a close it is fair to say this one will not be remembered for much of the action on the pitch. While off the field the increasingly shambolic nature of the administration of the national game … Continue reading

COINTELPRO, Assata Shakur And Obama’s FBI

By Larry Pinkney “History is important. If you don’t know history it is as if you were born yesterday. And if you were born yesterday, anybody up there in a position of power can tell you anything, and you have no way of checking up on it.”—Howard Zinn The infamous U.S. government’s Counter Intelligence Program … Continue reading

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James Connolly by Robert Ballagh

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