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The Price of Sugar

Tonight BBC Scotland are screening the first episode of their Addicted to Pleasure series. The first programme features actor Brian Cox looking at sugar. It might be great. However it might not be, so here is a great documentary on sugar. The Price of Sugar looks at the Dominican Republic, a tropical island-nation, tourists flock to … Continue reading

The British Ideology

By Jim Slaven So the Olympics are over and it is time to reflect on the significance of London 2012. While the coverage has been extensive, none of it has come close to a brilliant book published before London 2012 had even started. French intellectual Marc Perelman’s extended essay Barbaric Sports does a great job … Continue reading

How The BBC Reports Chavez’s Venezuela

By News Unspun The headline “Chavez ‘would accept’ Venezuela election defeat ” ran on the BBC website on 14 January 2012, for a story which reported that Hugo Chavez would not ‘relinquish power if he loses elections due in October.’ When a news organisation deems it news-worthy that a country’s president would step down if not … Continue reading

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James Connolly by Robert Ballagh

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