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Statement From Roe 4 Republican Political Prisoners Maghaberry

Republican Political Prisoners, Roe 4, Maghaberry Jail, wish to highlight and condemn the recent politically motivated arrests of 5 Republican Prisoners who were taken from the Republican landings to Antrim barracks on Wednesday 18th March.  These men have been questioned and reports sent to the PPS by the PSNI regarding alleged threats made against jailers … Continue reading

Justice For The Craigavon Two Music Single

DOWNLOAD NOW!!! ‪#‎JFTC2‬ ‪#‎DownloadJustice‬ “Justice for the Craigavon Two” Music Single. Lets get this into the UK Top 40 Chart. You can download three times using all three links iTunes http://itunes.apple.com/album/id968820459 … (iPhone & iPad) Amazon http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00TUXALGG (laptops & computers) Google Play https://play.google.com/store/music/album… (Android tablets & Smart Phone’s) Help us end the miscarriage of justice … Continue reading

Reject Imperialism. Reject The Poppy.

By Alex McGuigan A few years back, there was an article that received considerable publicity from an individual who claimed to be an Irish Republican but who also stated that they would now be wearing a British Legion poppy.  It is no-one’s right to dictate what a person can or can not wear, but we certainly … Continue reading

After Scotland’s Independence Referendum- A Socialist Republican Perspective

By Allan Armstrong A Movement-in-the-making The campaign for Scottish independence has been the largest movement for popular democracy seen in these islands since the Irish War of Independence. In terms of electoral participation it was unprecedented. Voter registration was 97% and voter turnout was 85%. The ‘Yes’ alliance faced the biggest ruling class offensive, backed … Continue reading

Connolly Conference 2014

This video was shown at the start of Saturday’s JCS Connolly Conference 2014. The conference was sold out and included speakers from Scotland, Ireland, England and Wales. Photos from the event can be viewed here. Conference report and video footage will appear on 107 Cowgate soon.

Truly A Day Of Huge Political Significance

By Plunkett Nugent This is a day of huge political significance as Scotland goes to the polls, a day which may well bring the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland to an end. Whatever the result, this binding exercise in national self-determination is in itself an outright triumph for those who have brought … Continue reading

1916 Societies Back A Yes Vote In Scotland

The 1916 Societies take this opportunity to forward best wishes to the Scottish people ahead of their vote for independence and encourage all those with a vote to use that vote, to vote ‘Yes’ and vote for independence. We commend all those who have made the ‘Yes’ campaign such a positive contribution to progress, not … Continue reading

JCS Statement On Orange Order’s Independence Referendum March

Following discussions with our activists and supporters the James Connolly Society wishes to make the following statement in regards the forthcoming Orange Order march in Edinburgh.   The James Connolly Society oppose all sectarian marches irrespective of whether they are taking place in the run up to the referendum or not. We have a proven track … Continue reading

Collusion Is Not An Illusion

Originally posted on 107cowgate:
This week’s decision by the British Government to renege on their commitment to hold an inquiry into the state murder of Human Rights lawyer Pat Finucane has once again reminded the world of Britain’s policy of collusion in Ireland. Collusion with pro-British death squads, including the UVF and the UDA, in the murder of its…

Maghaberry Latest: Statement From Roe 4 POWs

Statement on Controlled Movement from Roe 4 Republican POWs Recently Republican prisoners in Maghaberry have been subjected to an intensely restrictive regime which has resulted in intense controlled movement whereby only one prisoner accompanied by three screws is allowed out on the landing at any time. This has virtually ground the regime to a halt … Continue reading

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