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Scotland’s Interregnum And The Crisis In Greece

By Jim Slaven Interregnum was originally used to describe that period between the death of one monarch and the enthronement of the next. This period was characterised by a suspension of old laws as people prepared for the new monarch introducing new laws. It was a period of flux yet simultaneously a period of stasis. … Continue reading

State Censorship Of One Ireland One Vote Campaign

PRESS RELEASE FROM PRO DEPARTMENT 1916 SOCIETIES The 1916 Societies have been reliably informed that efforts on St. Patrick’s Day to promote our legitimate political campaign for an all-Ireland referendum on Irish reunification, through the use of a light-airplane carrying a banner with our flagship message of ‘One Ireland-One Vote’ during the parade celebrations in Dublin city, met with … Continue reading

Ireland And The Broader Implications Of The 2014 Referendum

By Jim Slaven The deal between Alex Salmond and David Cameron on the arrangements for the 2014 constitutional referendum has been widely welcomed. Most commentators have focussed on process issues such as timing, number of questions or votes for sixteen and seventeen year olds but there was also a substantial political battle being waged in … Continue reading

The British Ideology

By Jim Slaven So the Olympics are over and it is time to reflect on the significance of London 2012. While the coverage has been extensive, none of it has come close to a brilliant book published before London 2012 had even started. French intellectual Marc Perelman’s extended essay Barbaric Sports does a great job … Continue reading

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James Connolly by Robert Ballagh

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