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The British Ideology

By Jim Slaven So the Olympics are over and it is time to reflect on the significance of London 2012. While the coverage has been extensive, none of it has come close to a brilliant book published before London 2012 had even started. French intellectual Marc Perelman’s extended essay Barbaric Sports does a great job … Continue reading

Radical Olympics: Black Power Salute Documentary

Radical Olympics: What Happened To The Revolt Of The Black Athlete

Harry Edwards was the main organizer of the 1968 Revolt of the Black Athlete which led to the famous Black Power salutes by Tommie Smith and John Carlos on the victory podium at the 1968 Olympic Games in Mexico City. He is now professor of sociology at the University of California, Berkeley, and a consultant … Continue reading

Radical Olympics: Militarisation Of London Olympics Shows Host Country’s Fetish For Displays Of Force

By Brad Evans So, the Olympic Games are finally upon us. Whether we perceive this global extravaganza to be a triumphant social gathering which reveals all that is remarkable about the human spirit or yet another corporate feast of plenty, it nevertheless provides us with a pertinent moment to evaluate the operations of power in … Continue reading

Radical Olympics: Olympic Tourist Arrested

By Shiv Malik A man who cycled 9,320 miles from India to join Olympic celebrations inLondon was held by police as part of a mass arrest of cyclingcampaigners during last week’s opening ceremony. Aedewan Adnan from Malaysia, who had joined his father in Kolkata in November to raise money for charity and support the Malaysian Olympic team, was held by police … Continue reading

Radical Olympics: Dominance Of Private School Medallists Criticised

Good piece below from Channel Four News looking at the dominance of Private Schools among the British Olympic team and particularly among the medallists. More can be found on this in the Guardian here and here and from the PA here. The head of the UK’s Olympic team called for an overhaul of the school … Continue reading

Radical Olympics: The Militarisation Of The Olympics

By Mark Perryman Munich 1972 will always remain one of the most iconic of all Olympic Games. Not so much for Olga Korbut’s impish performance in the gymnastics or the gold medal haul of Mark Spitz in the pool, but for the lethal carnage resulting from the Israeli athletes being taken hostage by the Palestinian … Continue reading

Radical Olympics: Racism Is Official At Olympics

By Alex McAuley Damien Hooper deserves vocal support for wearing a t-shirt bearing the Aboriginal flag into his first boxing match at the London Olympics. In Hooper’s own words “I’m Aboriginal, representing my culture, not only my country, but all my people as well.” The Australian Olympic Committee (AOC) has forced Hooper to apologise and … Continue reading

Radical Olympics: Council Bans Human Rights Observers From Olympic Livescreen Venue

Statement from Newham Monitoring Project. A group of Newham Monitoring Project Community Legal Observer volunteers were today “banned” from entering Stratford Park, a site open to the general public who wish to watch the free Olympic livescreens, by security on the ground who apparently accused them of “making it easy for criminals and giving them … Continue reading

Radical Olympics: 69 Nations Have More US Troops Than Olympic Athletes

By David Swanson Here is a link to a list of U.S. troops deployed to various nations around the world:PDF. These are permanent deployments openly admitted to by the U.S. military. When U.S. Special Forces drive off a bridge in Mali, as recently happened, we discover that U.S. troops are in Mali in greater numbers than … Continue reading

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