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Police Scotland Attempts To Stop 30th Annual Connolly Commemoration ‘Will Fail’

The lengths Police Scotland will go to in order to disrupt James Connolly Society activities always amazes. In Jim’s absence (and because he could do with being cheered up) we decided to republish this JCS statement. Last week the James Connolly Society received an email from Edinburgh City Council stating that Police Scotland wanted us … Continue reading

None Of The Above?

By Jim Slaven None of the above? This is the question I’ve been asking myself for the last few weeks. Or perhaps more accurately for the last few years. Having never been a member of a political party, I’m what pollsters call a floating voter. Granted, as someone who has been a political activist for … Continue reading

Partition As Perpetual Crisis

By Jim Slaven (@JimSlaven) The announcement that Sinn Fein will not now after all support the Welfare Bill[i] going through Stormont has, we are told, plunged the political institutions into yet another ‘crisis’. To be fair it’s the only decision they could have taken. Although it doesn’t take a great deal of cynicism to see … Continue reading

JCS New Year Statement

The James Connolly Society extends New Year greetings to all our members, activists and supporters. We also offer our solidarity to political prisoners and organisations we have worked in partnership with during the last twelve months. 2014 was a remarkable year for the JCS. A year full of activity, political development and sustained increase in our … Continue reading

After Scotland’s Independence Referendum- A Socialist Republican Perspective

By Allan Armstrong A Movement-in-the-making The campaign for Scottish independence has been the largest movement for popular democracy seen in these islands since the Irish War of Independence. In terms of electoral participation it was unprecedented. Voter registration was 97% and voter turnout was 85%. The ‘Yes’ alliance faced the biggest ruling class offensive, backed … Continue reading

1916 Societies Back A Yes Vote In Scotland

The 1916 Societies take this opportunity to forward best wishes to the Scottish people ahead of their vote for independence and encourage all those with a vote to use that vote, to vote ‘Yes’ and vote for independence. We commend all those who have made the ‘Yes’ campaign such a positive contribution to progress, not … Continue reading

1916 Societies On Scottish Independence Referendum

  Who are the 1916 Societies? The 1916 Societies are an emerging political, cultural and historical movement in Ireland founded in 2009 to oppose the further running down of the republican struggle, with the specific remit of securing the legacy of those who gave their lives in the cause of Irish freedom and ensuring the … Continue reading

JCS Statement On Orange Order’s Independence Referendum March

Following discussions with our activists and supporters the James Connolly Society wishes to make the following statement in regards the forthcoming Orange Order march in Edinburgh.   The James Connolly Society oppose all sectarian marches irrespective of whether they are taking place in the run up to the referendum or not. We have a proven track … Continue reading

JCS Condemn Political Policing & Protest At Empire Games

Statement from the James Connolly Society Scotland. The James Connolly Society condemns the ongoing campaign of harassment and intimidation by Police Scotland against our members. Such political policing is nothing new it is however wrong and counterproductive. Over the last few days our members have again be targeted by the Met of the North. One … Continue reading

Bank of Scotland in Ireland. Banksters.

At the end of yesterday’s James Connolly commemoration in Edinburgh Jim Slaven, Chairman of the James Connolly Society, urged people to march on the Bank of Scotland Headquarters in solidarity with the 200,000 families facing eviction in Ireland. Bank of Scotland have played a scandalous role in Ireland property bubble, subsequent collapse and now the move … Continue reading

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