Basque Country Needs Peace Process

There has not been much coverage in the Scottish media of Basque attempts to kick start a peace process with the Spanish Government. Prisoners recently endorsed last years Gernika Agreement and called for an end to ETA’s campaign following last years ceasefire, presumably to allow a peaceful backdrop to negotiations, but so far the Spanish state has not reciprocated.

Indeed as the footage below shows the Spanish state has responded by force and provocation to any attempts to move the situation on politically. Including this destruction of a youth centre in Bilboa which was used by Basque nationalist groups and the recent jailing of Basque political leader Arnaldo Otegi for 10 years.

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  1. Great to see any news on the Basque country. To paraphrase John Lennon – Peace is there (if they want it ) and so the Spanish State clearly does no want it.

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