Statement Of Euskadi Ta Askatasuna To Euskal Herria

Euskadi ta Askatasuna, a Basque revolutionary socialist organization of national liberation, wishes, through this communiqué, to salute the creation of the International Verification Commission and express the following:

Ten months have passed since ETA declared a permanent and general ceasefire which could be verified by the international community. With that initiative of a unilateral character we adhere to the roadmap marked by the Gernika Accord and we have demonstrated our firm commitment to a political resolution to the conflict and an end to armed confrontation. Since then, as can be seen by public initiatives as well as in the silent work that doesn’t have an echo in public, ETA has worked hard to make possible a process for resolution.

The Spanish and French states, however, have done nothing but place obstacles. The strategy of repression and use of exceptional methods has not ceased. The arrests and torture of Basque citizens, the Euro-orders, maintaining a criminal incarceration policy, the violation of civil rights, or keeping the Abertzale Left illegal are the most terrible examples of that strategy.

We would also like to warn that the effort that ETA is making for a resolution to the conflict, as well as the resources for it, are being persecuted with repressive means by the Spanish and French states.
With all of this the Spanish and French states want to obstruct and place obstacles for a resolution because they are afraid of the new possibilities that might open up in Euskal Herria and of the voice and decision of its citizens.

They wanted to block the very creation of the International Verification Commission by denying it official recognition. Because the verification of the ceasefire before the citizens of Euskal Herria and the international community, would make more obvious the excuses by the states and make even more incomprehensible the continued repression and not taking steps towards a resolution.

With the obstacles and rigidness of the state ETA has responded by offering opportunities and has even shown its disposition to approve a verification commission that isn’t even official recognized.

– ETA accepts the recently presented International Verification Commission and considers this event to be an important step in a process towards resolution.

– ETA assumes the commitment to aid the International Verification Commission.

– We consider that this step taken must be a precedent for the multilateral commitments that are necessary for a process towards resolution. The respect for the basic rights of Basque political prisoners, respect for the political right of the Abertzale Left, and the end of the harassment and arrests are urgent tasks. Acquiring commitments on all of these and the will on all parts to confront the resolution in its entirety can bring us to taking decisive and irreversible steps in the process.

– ETA calls on the governments of Spain and France to accept the International Verification Commission, and in general to abandon the path of repression and imposition and to commit to a resolution by complying with, among others, the petitions that are laid out in the Gernika Accord.

ETA has acquired historical commitments and has made profound steps. These and other efforts that diverse political and social figures are making are opening an opportunity never seen in Euskal Herria. It is the will of ETA to take this opportunity to the end and build a scenario of peace and freedom for Euskal Herria.

Gora Euskal Herria Askatuta!

Gora Euskal Herria Sozialista! Jo ta ke independentzia eta sozialismoa lortu arte!

Euskadi ta Askatasuna
September 29th, 2011

Translated by Darrin Wood for Basquepeaceprocess. Any errors are on the part of the translator and not that of Basquepeaceprocess

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