Prisoners Month: Video Promoting Basque Prisoners Demonstration

Basque Prisoners Flag

Here is a great video made last weekend to promote the national demonstration for Basque political prisoners which will be held in Bilbao on January 12 2013. A friend in the Basque Country described to 107 Cowgate the significance of the January 12th demo and explained the video:

“This video is in support of the National march to be held on Saturday January 12th in Bilbao. Every year a national demonstration takes place in the Basque Country at the beginning of January in support of the Basque political prisoners. This year, the march is to support their repatriation to the Basque Country and the participation of the political prisoners and those on the run in the Basque peace process. Every year, that weekend political prisoners do not receive visits from their relatives as they ask them to go to the march instead.

The song reinforces the message of the march about the need to bring the prisoners to the Basque Country, to our towns and villages and how everybody’s support and involvement will bring them all back home to fill the empty chairs around the tables of so many homes in the Basque Country at this special time of year.

Last year the march was in support of the families of the prisoners and ended with “You’ll never walk alone” being played in loudspeakers throughout Bilbao!!!

 It is usually a great day, very poignant.”

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