Latest Official News On Chávez


The government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela is complying with its duty to inform the Venezuelan public and our sister nations about the clinical progress of President Hugo Chávez.

Following a delicate surgery on December 11, Commander Chávez has faced complications as a result of a severe respiratory infection.

This infection has led to respiratory deficiency that requires Commander Chávez to remain in strict compliance with his medical treatment.

The government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela reiterates its confidence in the medical team that is attending to the commander and that has permanently monitored his clinical evolution and acted with the most absolute rigorousness in the face of each one of the difficulties presented.

The government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela warns the Venezuelan public of a campaign of psychological warfare unleashed by the international media regarding the health of the head of state. This campaign aims ultimately to destabilize the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, ignore the popular will expressed in the presidential elections last October 7, and end the Bolivarian Revolution led by Chávez.

These aims clash with the ironclad unity of the Bolivarian Government, the organized people and the Bolivarian National Armed Forces with the leadership and political ideals of Commander Hugo Chávez.

Toward victory forever.

Long live Chávez!

Caracas, 3 January 2013

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