Up The Ra And All That

Well done to everyone involved in FAC’s Roll of Honour campaign. Here is an article from the 107 Cowgate archives on why rebel songs matter to so many in Scotland and the politics of the Offensive Behaviour Bill.


By Jim Slaven

It has now been a week since the SNP government passed their Offensive Behaviour Bill in the Scottish parliament. Since then much has been written and said about the draconian and anti free speech nature of that legislation. In essence people have been restating positions which were already well laid out in advance of the vote and not many minds, on either side of the debate, have been changed. If anything the last week has seen opinions become more entrenched as the language has become more intemperate. It is not my intention here to go over our opposition to the legislation all over again. Life is too short and many others, including many I usually disagree with, have done so far more eloquently than I could.

Now is the time turn our attention to some of the wider implication of this law for Scotland’s Irish community and…

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