The State Is Not Solution To Problems In Working Class Communities- JCS

Join The resistance! Join The JCS!
Join The Resistance! Join The JCS!

At a meeting of our members in Pilton tonight the JCS reiterated our position that the solutions to problems in working class communities can be found within our communities. Recent calls in the media by politicians and state officials for more police powers to be deployed in working class communities is a reminder of why the vast majority of working class people have no faith in these people whatsoever. The residents of Pilton quite rightly want action taken but what is required is a community response not more state repression.

After tonight’s meeting local resident and JCS member Callum Kane told 107 Cowgate “People in this area know exactly what the problems are. We have no faith the police to come into this community and have anything but a negative impact. We need to come together as a community and develop a community response to these and other problems.”

Asking the state to solve problems they have caused is a complete waste of time. It is empty rhetoric from people who have no faith in the working class. The James Connolly Society rejects this analysis and approach. The JCS will continue to work with working class communities to develop alternative strategies for dealing with these issues.

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