SNP Attack On Irish Community

‘The British government has no right in Ireland, never had any right in Ireland and never can have any right in Ireland’ James Connolly

Kenny MacAskill’s speech to today’s SNP conference confirms what many of us had long suspected that the new Offensive Behaviour Bill is to be targeted at Scotland’s Irish community and in particular any expressions of Irishness the state find unacceptable, for instance support for Irish re-unification and the establishment of an Irish Republic. It is all the more shocking when you consider the background. All the released statistics show that Irish catholics are overwhelmingly more likely to be the victims of hate crimes than indigenous Scots. They are more liable to suffer health inequalities. they are more likely to end up in prison. Yet SNP are now bringing in legislation which is designed to target the victim community. Legislation which is to define a political expression as a crime in terms of its acceptability to the British state and particularly in relation to its continuing occupation of the six counties.

That MacAskill uses language like ‘dragging people into the 21st century’ when describing those who oppose this legislation merely serves to illustrate the point that the SNP are unable to deal with legitimate criticism of this Bill. Those of us who oppose this law are not backward, or stupid, or bigots we are standing up for our right to freedom of speech and cultural and political expression. Moreover we are the same people who have for decades urged Scotland to deal with its anti-Irish racism and anti catholic bigotry. Sadly they seem intent on making the situation worse not better.

Here’s a song that reminds me of the monarchist SNP


  1. Absolute nonsense. Worst article ever written on this blog and without any foundation whatsoever. Legislation brought in to protect victims of anti-catholic bigotry, brought about by attacks on high profile catholics. I’m quite sure Irishness, or a desire for Irish reunification, is NOTHING to do with bigotry. SNP and their supporters see bigotry as a symptom of unionism.

    Sorry but you’re so wide of the mark here, I dont know where to start! you’re talking shite!

    1. I think we would need more evidence of what exactly was said in this instance.However I must agree that the more I look at this legislation I see it as having no use other than to stop people expressing their Irish Identity in song.There is enough legislation in place to deal with the Sectarian element. The new laws appear to me to be an attempt to ‘balance’ the books and put Irish Nationalist song in the same category as Sectarian chants. As we know ,at present it is virtually impossible to convict for singing e.g the Boys of the Old Brigade because it is historical,nationalistic,political and non religious – with the new legislation the police can say it was offensive and hay presto we have everyone feeling better because we can see one side is as bad as the other.

  2. What exactly do folk expect from a man who praised 20,000 bigots for singing overtly sectarian songs?

  3. Absolute pish, as stated above, they are trying to stop secterianism not protect it, i am A practising Catholic and totally disagree with this, and believe me, i am more left wing than you ever will be.

  4. 2Let the people sing their stories and their songs the music from their ancient land.The lullaby’s the battle-cries the SONGS OF OPEN JOY join us hand in hand”-Yeah this is sectarian all right Mr.Salmond you fuckin Masonic cheating abusing your position Pox.I will never stop singing till the day i die for my team sue me cunt!

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