Justice Watch Ireland Calls For Release of Stephen Murney

Release Stephen Murney Now!
Release Stephen Murney Now!
Call for the immediate release of Stephen Murney

Today, Justice Watch Ireland has written to both the British secretary of state Theresa Villers and Justice Minister, David Ford, calling for the immediate release of Stephen Murney.

JWI has thoroughly assessed Mr Murneys’ case and consulted some of the leading Law experts available to which we all individually concluded that there is no case to be answered.

Attached to this press release are the facts of the case which will sustain our conclusions.

Justice Watch Ireland are more than concerned that Mr Murney may be a victim of the most blatant abuse of the Justice system seen in the last decade.
We are equally concerned that should this practice of Judicial Abuse be allowed to continue unabated, it could well threaten the democratic rights of all citizens in the future.

We call on all politicians and those opposed to losing their democratic and human rights, to voice their disapproval of such abuses continuing.

Justice Watch Ireland calls for Stephen Murney to be release on unconditional bail as a matter of urgency.

We believe his detention is nothing short of ‘Interment’ by definition.

‘Internment by remand’ is being claimed by many, in which we are currently investigating but in this case our conclusion is that Mr Murney truly is interned by definition with the use of the remand process currently being implemented.


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  1. I am from vancouver,canada and i just read about the unjust imprisonment of Stephen Murney.People shouldn’t be imprisoned for their ideas.That goes back to the era of feudalism.This man should be released immediately.The irish people have been fighting against British Imperialism for many years.They have a right to do this.All people in Ireland and around the world should support Stephen Murney.It is the British Troops in Northern Ireland that is preventing Ireland from been united.Like Bobby Sands said,England Out Of Ireland.

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