Jim Lane Interview Part 1- Socialist, Republican & Revolutionary

Border CampaignThis is the story of Socialist Jim Lane who joined the Army (IRA) Sinn Fein and the Cork Volunteers Pipe Band in 1954, he subsequently participated in Operation Harvest in 1956.

Lane was also involved with the Unemployed Protest Movement in the late 1950s and was instrumental in establishing the Cork Vietnamese Freedom Association in the 1960s. He was a leading figure in the Irish Revolutionary Forces throughout the 1960s,the Cork-based group produced an influential newsletter called An Phoblacht.

In addition the Irish Revolutionary Forces established Saor Éire (Cork) in 1968 and produced a paper called People’s Voice. Subsequently Lane joined The Cork Workers Club who published a series of historical reprints of socialist classics.

Jim Lane was central in the anti-H-Block movement in the Cork in the 1980s and became the chairperson of the Cork City and County National H-Block Committee. He joined Irish Republican Socialist Party becoming its national chairperson in 1983.

This is his story in his own words.


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