End Political Policing- IRPWA

Dee Fennell
Dee Fennell

The IRPWA strongly condemn this morning’s raids at the homes of activists Mandy Duffy and Dee Fennell and also the subsequent arrest of Dee Fennell. We offer our solidarity and support to the families of both activists and call for the immediate release of Dee Fennell.

The IRPWA view these recent actions by the RUC/PSNI as a blatant example of the continuance of British political policing in the Six Counties. Spurred on by Unionist and Loyalist hysteria and assisted by a pro-British media; the RUC/PSNI through its actions has attempted to silence a true and genuine Republican narrative by the use of force and intimidation. They will fail.

We call on those constitutional nationalist parties who have assimilated themselves into British state structures and who currently, through their participation, confer legitimacy to such agencies of the British state to condemn these recent events and withdraw their support by resigning from the Policing Board and DPPs. Failing this we call on the Republican and nationalist community to reject and withdraw their support for such parties and offer their voice in condemnation of British Political Policing.

The commemorative event on Easter Sunday in Lurgan was a fitting and honourable tribute to fallen IRA volunteers and no amount of British force and intimidation or Unionist/Loyalist interference should be allowed to shape how Republicans pay homage to those brave men and women who have given their lives in the cause of Irish freedom.

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